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  • VSLive! Dallas 2006 - Day 1

    Day one of VSLive! Dallas 2006 came and went.  It was an all-day presentation by Rocky Lhotka covering his CSLA framework.  I used it a few years ago and was not nearly as impressed as now.  Rocky has evolved this framework to be extremely flexible, well-designed, and still free.  Add that to a day of training at to get a serious development jumpstart.  Think about it... a top consultant's help at the price of a book.  Beat that!

  • Tip: Consistent Blogging

    I have a small tip for those that fall of the blogging wagon.  If we keep a link to a Word document on our desktop or QuickLink toolbar, we just have to click it, type some things that people would be interested in, then close it.  Another blog document can be kept on the PDA when disconnected from the laptop or desktop.  The document(s) can then be reviewed later in the day when we have time to formulate our thoughts, apply the ever important spell checker, then send it out to those who may gain from it.  I've used this technique before but fell out of the habit.  Now the problem is that I have at least 4 or 5 blog posts but they are incomplete.  So it's time management that's needed to finish those blog entries.

  • Some New Features in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

    This is a list that I put together in a few hours, so don't work at critiquing it please.  I borrowed a few things here and there for the sake of raising an awareness of what new features are available in VS2005, and SQL2005.  I'll be listing it tomorrow night when I present with Dave McKinstry at the Dallas .Net User Group.  We're presenting the Community VS2005 Launch like last month at the Dallas C# SIG.  Some of the examples listed are in the samples at the Dallas C# SIGIf anyone knows of a comprehensive list with all technologies, please reply.  This is actually more of a conversation starter so people don't continue to write classes that come out of the box.  Hope it helps someone.

  • Chris Kinsman at the Dallas C# SIG

    INETA speaker Chris Kinsman will be speaking at the Dallas C# SIG this Thursday, January 2nd, 2006.  If you're in the Dallas area, drop by for some C# Chris Kinsman style.  Chris will be presenting on the new features in C# and very likely will cover other areas that he's skilled at such as data warehousing, SQL, and team development.