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Freakyuno's wanderings in the .NET world.

  • Jamcast Official Beta

    A good friend of mine recently revealed to me that he's released a beta to the public of a neat piece of software.  Jamcast allows the user to stream their digital audio across their network to devices with built in support like Playstation 3, XBox 360.  I can't do the description justice, so swing over to his site and read about it.  Sounds like wicked code.  Even better is, it's entirely built with a .NET foundation!

  • Building a Composite WPF Application

    Jeff Brand (Microsoft Evangelist from Minneapolis) has put together the start of an excellent screen cast on throwing up composite applications using the Microsoft Composite Application Library and WPF.

  • Iowa Code Camp - Des Moines

    I'm proud to announce the second coming of the Iowa Code Camp.  This sequence follows the amazingly successful event held in Iowa City of May of this year.  Nearly 200 people attended for 90% of the event, we gave away upwards of $20,000 dollars in prizes and software and had a generally great time talking code, eating, drinking coffee and meeting our local peers.

  • { T }rite - Alpha Release

    UPDATE:  The files have been reposted - you will need to make the configuration file changes in two places.  The Trite.vshost.exe.xml and the trite.exe.xml file:

  • Solving LINQ's N-Tier Issues

    Ok, so maybe solving is somewhat of a misnomer, but we certainly can combat them with strength and conviction.  A little background on the subject first;  LINQ has proven  to be somewhat of a booger when attempting to work with it in a streamlined development environment when incorporating any sort of N-Tier pattern.