Top 10 Posts in 2010

Blogging’s a lot of fun and a great way to share what you’ve learned. It’s also a great way to learn based upon comments people leave that help you see things in an entirely new way in some cases.  Since we’ve now moved on to 2011 (Happy New Year’s!) I wanted to list the Top 10 posts from my blog during 2010 based on individual views.  Thanks to everyone who follows my blog and adds comments from time to time. Here’s wishing everyone a great 2011!


1. Reducing Code by Using jQuery Templates
2. Integrating HTML into Silverlight Applications
3. Silverlight is Dead, the Moon is Made of Cheese, and HTML 5 is Ready for Prime Time
4. Understanding the Role of Commanding in Silverlight 4 Applications
5. New Article – Getting Started with WCF RIA Services
6. Simplify Your Code with LINQ
7. My Favorite iPad Apps….So Far
8. Final Release of Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Released
9. Handling WCF Service Paths in Silverlight 4 – Relative Path Support
10. Tales from the Trenches – Building a Real-World Silverlight Line of Business Application
  Getting Started with the MVVM Pattern in Silverlight Applications – Posted late 2009 so I’m giving it honorable mention status since it’s still one of the most popular posts.

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