Quick backup with Live Mesh and Vista

Live Mesh

Did you know that… you can use Live Mesh to backup files in 1 click ?

Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed):

  1. First, create a BackupToMesh folder somewhere on your drive
  2. Then Share it on your Mesh (Right-click / “Add folder to your Live Mesh…” )
  3. Now create a shortcut to this folder (Right-click / Send To / Desktop)
  4. Move the shortcut from your desktop to your Links folder (C:\Users\YourUserName\Links)

Now anytime in explorer, just click on BackupToMesh in the left pane and copy/past the files you want to backup on the cloud!


Note: if you don’t see the Favorite links pane, click “Organize” on the top menu and select: Layout / Navigation pane

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