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Hi All, I have been seeing a lot of great feedback on the launching of my Inner Circle. I have also had some detractors.... I had no intention of sounding "arragont" or "elitist". Anyone who knows me well, would agree that I am not any of these. However, I do have 20+ years in the IT industry, and have been running my own consulting company for 15+ years. I have a lot of knowledge to offer to people, and just want to be fairly compensated. Many of the code snippets on this site are now free (due to popular demand). There will also be Webcasts, tele-conferences, articles, eBooks, utilities and other things that will not be free. Just like purchasing a book or attending a "professional development" conference, you will be paying for these things. I need to charge for these as well.

I have been writing articles and books for years and I have been paid for these (not as much as I would like **smile**). I also speak at numerous user groups each year (for which I am typically not paid), I donate a lot of time to my local areas code camps, and other events, so it is not like I am just out for the "all mighty buck". At the same time, I do have a wife and kids to support as well.

I am hoping to offer answers to questions about running a consulting business, problems we have had (and how we solved them), how we do our marketing, our sales, and answers to other things that I have not been able to find anywhere else. I want to share this knowledge with people that are in the same boat that I am in, but maybe have not found how to do that yet. I thank Rocky for also seeing that the venues we have to make money are shrinking and we need to come up with another model to make money. I appreciate all feedback, and BTW, this is exactly how the Inner Circle concept came about, by people asking for my views on how to run a consulting business, how to run projects, how to write better code. Yes, a lot of this can be found on google, but much of it can not. I hope this helps people better understand the driver behind this business venture. It could tank, I don't know, but so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! I hope it will continue to grow.


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