Update on Silverlight 2 - and a glimpse of Silverlight 3

We shipped Silverlight 2 last month.  Over the last 4 weeks, the final release of Silverlight 2 has been downloaded and installed on more than 100 million consumer machines.  It has also recently been published to corporate administrators via the Microsoft SMS and Microsoft Update programs to enable them to automatically deploy across enterprises.  Over 1 in 4 computers on the Internet now have some version of Silverlight installed.

Silverlight 2 was a major release, and delivered an impressive set of cross-browser, cross-platform functionality for Media and Rich Internet Application experiences.  It has been great watching new sites launch using it.

Media Experiences

Silverlight 2 enables the highest quality video on the web, and delivers it with the lowest TCO of any media platform.

One of the capabilities built-into Silverlight 2 is its support for "adaptive streaming" - which enables video to be delivered at multiple bitrates (for example: 400Kbits, 800Kbits, 1.5Mbits, 2Mbits) with Silverlight dynamically choosing the optimal bitrate to use depending on the network bandwidth and CPU capability of the client (it can also automatically switch bitrates seamlessly if conditions change later). 

Silverlight's adaptive streaming support is extensible.  Move Networks (who helped pioneer the concept of adaptive streaming) have already integrated their adaptive streaming solution with Silverlight.  Silverlight 2 and Move were used to stream the Democratic National Convention live on the web this summer. 

Last month we announced that Microsoft will be adding adaptive streaming support as a free feature of our IIS7 web-server.  IIS Smooth Streaming will provide an integrated way to deliver HD quality adaptive video over the web. Visit Akamai's www.smoothhd.com site to see some awesome examples of Silverlight 2 and IIS Smooth Streaming in action (with adaptive streaming up to 2.5Mbits).

The NBC Olympics site used Silverlight 2 to serve more than 3,500 hours of live and on-demand Olympic coverage to over 60 million unique visitors this summer.  Visitors to the site watched an average of 27 minutes of video - which is stunningly high for online video.  The site used the new Silverlight adaptive streaming capability to support 1.5Mbit bitrates - which helped deliver an awesome video experience:

In addition to powering the Olympics experience in the US, Silverlight was also used in France (by FranceTV), the Netherlands (by NOS), Russia (by Sportbox.ru) and Italy (by RAI).  In addition to video quality, a big reason behind these broadcasters decision to use Silverlight was the TCO and streaming cost difference Silverlight provided.  In the August 2008 edition of Web Designer Magazine (a Dutch publication) a NOS representative reported that they were able to serve 100,000 concurrent users using Silverlight and 40 Windows Media Servers, whereas it would have required 270 servers if they had used Flash Media Servers.

Over the last month we've seen several major new deployments of Silverlight for media scenarios.  For example: CBS College Sports is now using Silverlight to stream NCAA events from its 170 partner colleges and university.  Blockbuster is replacing Flash with Silverlight for its MovieLink application. And Netflix two weeks ago rolled out its new Instant Watch service using Silverlight. 

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Experiences

Silverlight 2 delivers a cross-browser, cross-platform subset of the .NET Framework, and enables developers to build Rich Internet Applications. 

Developers can use either VS 2008 or the free Visual Web Developer 2008 Express to open and edit Silverlight 2 projects, and get a powerful code-focused .NET development environment.  Designers can use Expression Blend 2 SP1 to open and edit the same projects and use a creative tool to sculpt and create rich user experiences.  I recently blogged about the nice developer/designer workflow this enables here.  Two weeks ago at the PDC we also shipped the first release of our Silverlight Toolkit - an open source project which adds additional runtime controls and components for Silverlight 2 development (including new charting controls). 

A number of customers have already launched Internet-facing Silverlight 2 RIA solutions (including Renault, Hard Rock and Toyota). For example, last month AOL launched their new AOL Mail RIA using Silverlight 2:

Silverlight 2 is also now being used in a variety of enterprise solutions.  For example, K2 recently launched their new Blackpoint workflow management solution for Microsoft SharePoint using Silverlight:

Microsoft is also deploying new Silverlight based RIA experiences.  The Windows Live Team's new photo application (photos.live.com) and video communications application (videomessages.live.com) are both built with Silverlight 2, as is the new MSN Toolbar (it uses Silverlight to customize the browser frame).  Last month at the PDC we also gave a first sneak-peak demo of some of the new Office 14 Web Companion RIA applications which use Silverlight.

Silverlight 3

Next year we will ship our next major Silverlight release -- Silverlight 3. 

Silverlight 3 will include major media enhancements (including H.264 video support), major graphics improvements (including 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration), as well as major application development improvements (including richer data-binding support and additional controls).  Note these are just a small sampling of the improvements - we have plenty of additional cool features we are going to keep up our sleeves a little longer. ;-)

Next year Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express will also support a fully editable and interactive designer for Silverlight, and add tool support for data-binding:

We are pretty excited about where Silverlight is today, as well as the roadmap in place over the next year.  It has been really great to watch customers go live with cool solutions.  The next year is going to be a fun one as more and more sites launch with Silverlight 2, and as even bigger scenarios are enabled with Silverlight 3 and beyond. :-)

Hope this helps,



  • Can't wait to hear more information on Silverlight 3!

  • Hi Scott - unless you don't see Silverlight as a platform for business applications, real printing support is essential. It's really a shame this wasn't part of Silverlight 2 and it would be unforgivable if it was omitted in version 3. Other than that, thank you for all the awesome work.

  • Looks great! Any comments on web cam support in v. 3?

  • Just wondering if RightToLeft and complex-script language support will be added to the next version or not. I know about the existing workarounds, but official support (both in runtime and designtime) is what we (or firms with international customers for what matters) need to further invest on Silverlight Applications. Any ideas on that?

  • Hallo Scott,

    please include in Silverlight 3.0 something like GAC. It is painfull to download all the additional assemblies (Linq.Xml, Controls) with every new xap.


  • awesomeo!
    can't wait for 3D and h264!

  • H.264 support, 3D, and hardware accelerated goodness sound great!

    Any news on what the supported browsers will be for Silverlight 3? Opera? Windows-based WebKit?

    Any plans on extending the set of supported locales? RTL/bi-di support in the works?

    How about native support for Silverlight development on Mac OS X? The stumbling block here is that there doesn't seem to be a way to generate Silverlight-compatible CLR assemblies on a Mac without VMing or BootCamping into Windows.

  • Any plans to drop support for OS X yet?

  • Scott, are you going to add support for webcam in SL3?

  • Scott, will there be something like printing supported.

  • Scott,

    What happened to support for the Opera browser. I know that it was talked about some time ago, but there is any plan to support the browser.

  • Hi Scott, you announced the out-of-browser version of Silverlight during your PDC keynote which was very exciting news to hear. Could you please provide a little more info on what's exactly planned?


  • My main requests for v3
    1. Selectable text in textblock
    2. complex script text support (bidi)
    3. Allow search within page as a right click option
    4. RenderTargetBitmap/Print support
    5. raw wav support
    6. chroma key video

  • Dear Scott,

    Would you mind solving a major problem of silverlight2 that's blurry text in the silverlight3?? For now, it's uncomfortable for reading.

    Thank you

  • Yeah, a webcam support would be great!

  • wow gpu support in silverlight would be super cool :O cant wait to hear more :) any channel9 interviews on the way? :D

    congratulations on the release :)

  • Are there any plans to include audio recording in Silverlight 3.0? My company is building voice applications and these applications usually have web interfaces that sometimes need to record audio in a controlled manner. Thus, the ability to record audio with a given encoding/codec is a critical feature for our transition of these interfaces to Silverlight.

    Besides, this is one of the features that Flash already supports but is lacking in Silverlight, so you might be interested in adding it. :)

  • Excited I am!!! Thanks for the update

  • Great work on Silverlight 2 and looking forward to Silverlight 3. But for me the most important upcoming feature is supporting a fully editable and interactive designer for Silverlight in VS2008. Thanks

  • Dear Scott

    Great post on opening the kimono on SL3, looking forward to more annoucements in the build up to MIX 09 and TechEd 09
    Something though has been bothering me for a while now, The community has been asking for the Virtual Earth Map Control for Silverlight 2 and what we keep hearing from the Live team is "No Comment" I know this falls outside your domain, but can you tap your friends in the Live team to be more explicit about their plans they should either come out and say YES we are looking at it expect it sometime in 09 or early 10 or NO we have no plans right now, look at 3rd party or use the HTML bridge to talk to the Javascript control for a mapping solution

    Especially after their VE tech evangelist showed a prototype back in MIX 08 and from then on it has been dead silence.

  • Sounds great, but from an user perspective, there are certain things that make a Silverlight RIA (and Flash too) seem alien as it does not fit nicely with the browser navigation and workflow model. There is no way to just CTRL+F and search within a page; select text and copy it to clipboard; print in a way browser users are familiar with; no right click and selecting the hyperlink to a point in the application etc etc. Could these be looked at. Even if no native support, can some Silverlight based app framework be provided that abstracts away all (or most) of these?

  • This is all music to our ears, its great to see that Microsoft are looking at the User Experience to further inhance its current product stack.

    Keep it up Microsoft I am sure more Designers and Agencies will start taking a serious look at what is now on offer.

  • Very good news! Thanks :-)

  • Hi,

    I'm as excited as anyone here to see version 3. I just hope the little anoying bugs will be fixed before !
    Like the SHORT SOUND PROBLEM to name just one.

    Thank you

  • Will SL3 have WriteableBitmap support?
    Webcam support would also be good.

  • UDP network communication in SL3 would be great! Especially when GPU acceleration is added the lack of UDP support is more or less the only thing left stopping us from releasing great fast-paced action multiplayer games in SL... Having the possibility to do the network communication directly from client to client (without sending through the server) would also be great.

  • scottGu is back with his team for more action on silverlight. Love it...

  • RightToLeft layout and ComplexScript support is very important for me. It is a prerequire for me to use silverlight

  • Current WebClient or HttpWebRequest calls does not support credentials, that's an issue that should be solved, real business application needs authentication.

    On the other hand it would be nice to get solid and rich controls (combobox working as it should be, solid DataGrid including native paging...).


  • scott uncle reply us.... are we going to support web cam?

  • Keen to explore the tool support for databinding and the 3D support.

    I had a question..Currently there is no 'direct' way to bind properties of two UI controls with each other in Silverlight 2. Any changes that we could expect in that area?

    BTW, I wrote an article recently to change property of a Silverlight UI Control at runtime based on another UI Control


  • Good to hear information on release 3 already coming out.

    +1 to the printing support comment(s)
    +1 for selectable text
    +1 for text rendering improvements
    +1 for apps running outside the browser (the main area I think this would be nice in is with mobile apps so that you don't have to always be connected).

    Personally I think right-click support (have the top part of the context menu be reserved for Silverlight but provide a hook for people to add right-click options e.g. could tie in with the selectable text option) would be useful.


  • That's cool, any idea on when exactly can we expect Silverlight 3.0 next year ?


  • I'd like to request that WPF-like style management and WPF-like motion paths be included with SL3.

  • Quick question Scott:

    With Silverlight 2, would there be any way to have a prerecorded (not live) video stream and be able to switch to different prerecorded view angles without the stream stopping?

    i.e. Is there any way to support multiple camera angles on Silverlight?

    Would love to know as I have a fantastic idea.. :)

  • I just wonder at what point the .Net Client Profile will be called Silverlight 4 ;) In all seriousness, are there any plans to merge these two dev branches in the future again? I had actually thought that clarity on some of those questions might come at the PDC, but not really? I think a general update on what the long term strategy with different framework versions is would be fantastic.

  • 3D support is a great thing. Also please please add visual brush and bitmap image creation support.

  • Scott,

    Thank you for breaking the silence. This is very, very exciting. I do hope that, besides those features you mentioned, Silverlight 3 will get a non-blurry text engine, Global Access Cache, and Bitmap Rendering.

    I can't wait to hear more great news.

  • If SL3 would get 3D Support and UDP Support, i am pretty sure it would be the next BIG thing in online gaming. So any chances UDP will be in SL3?
    Even Limitations like site-to-origion would be acceptable (but i hope port range limitation will be removed as it is deadly for ppl beyond company firewalls).

  • What about support for 64bit CPU in Silverlight 3?

  • Silverlight 2 is a really great product!

    I hope that text selection and deep printing support are coming soon. (Line of Business apps really need it) Is that coming in Silverlight 3?

  • Very interesting, Thanks!

  • I try to stay away from pointless technology wars (sometimes they find me), but I really find it amazing that Silverlight 3 sounds like it *could* be on par with the features of Flash 10. WOW! I would ask you how you guys move so quick...but that's probably a trade secret ;)


  • I hope that the screenSharing update makes it into Silverlight 3 Flash still has no screenSharing api for developers.

  • I found a lot of critical bugs in SL 2.0 RTW. Most of those reported since beta 1, 2 and others at RC0 stage, but still found in the final version.
    Are there any plan for an SP1 or patch?

    It's nice to think of new features or new controls in the Toolkit, but I think that more focus should go to solve basic issues with what's currently shipping.

    Just to name a few and basic ones to enable RIA/LOBA:
    1. Textbox not updating properly on lost focus if we only write one character.
    2. Dropdownlist throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when the collection is updated through databinding.
    3. Datagrid leaves blank rows when the ItemsSource changes.
    4. Listbox doesn't update the SelectedItem.
    5. The Datagrid doesn't really support inline editing.

    For all of this issues we already find some workarounds. I have to admit than many of the issues found in beta 2 were fixed, but it has and continues beeing painful to develop with a platform that simply doesn't work as expected and we keep finding bugs through the course of our projects.

  • Finally h.264! Not sure what took so long to do that when whole world is using h.264

  • Great to hear that Silverlight team has a lot more on their sleeves to offer up to end users.

    But I believe, if Silverlight is to actually make a niche in the computing world, it should provide a good example of an end-to-end line of business (LOB) application that also involves best practices in handling/storing/retrieving information (data). The drive towards Rich Internet Applications has been so tremendous the past few years. If developers can write business applications and bring these RIAs to business, then the shift of companies to SL would just be tremendous.

  • The two main features missing from Silverlight 2 that are preventing us to use them it as a desktop program replacement are Printing and Clipboard support. Without both of those, any type of desktop replacement application is going to be painful to use.

  • wow, great news as always.

  • Hi Scott

    Can you elaborate on the 3d and GPU support mentioned above? Are we looking at true 3d like what we see in WPF with cameras and texture mapping and meshes, or something else?

    No matter what we get, if it allows us to do something with 3d, that will be great :)

  • I know it's a way a way, I'm trying to get some traction for adopting Silverlight, is it safe to assume that the MIME type for Silverlight 3 will be supported in IIS5?

  • Very cool stuff.

    Having Silverlight available in Visual Web Developer for free is a tease when doing the more complicated animations and UI are very time consuming. I do hope that there is some integration of what Expression Blend does into Visual Studio (or Visual Web Developer)... particularly since Expression Blend is an expensive addition to using VS. That's been my biggest beef so far with Silverlight, and if that issue becomes solved in the future I'll be much happier!

  • Thanks.
    The Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, for your development team, are on the way. :)

  • "What will WPF have that Silverlight 3 doesn't?"

    How about access to the complete .NET framework rather than a stripped-down subset of APIs?!

  • Hi,

    Expecting most the databinding features are enabled in version 3 . Also support for data services will also be good.


  • Full 3D? Not vectorized 3D like Flash? Please bring it on...this opens up so many gaming and RIA possibilities.

  • Will we be getting any help on platform detection (OS, browser, resolution, gpu)? I ask because we know that SilverLight 2 for Mobile is coming, plus with the addition of GPU acceleration we will need to have our applications be aware of what capabilities are available. The demonstration of Silverlight 2 mobile disheartened me that they were using the IE HTTP Headers to do platform detection. The SilverLight plugin should have that information already and be able to pass it in.

  • Great post Scott. Hope we will have printing support in SL soon.

  • "... major graphics improvements (including 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration), ..."

    Great news, Scott! My question is: will S3 have a control like D3DImage? As a XNA'er I'm really interested in having a control that allows me to embed an XNA-based demo inside a Silverlight app.

  • Hi Scott, I want to congratulate you and your team once more, what a great job you guys are doing with SL.
    Just one thing, do you think we are going to have to wait until v3 to see some other wcf bindings available? unfortunately we can not get the full power of wcf with basicHttpBinding. That's the only thing that is holding me from move to SL all the way.
    Thank you for the great job!

  • Great news Scott!

    We are developing controls for Silverlight 2 at this moment. Can you give us an idea how we can prepare them to 'convert' them to the silverlight 3 version?

    Keep up the awesom work and I hope I get a reply : - )


  • I happen to think Silverlight is excellent and it looks like it's getting better on each revision.

    Two concerns though.

    1. When Silverlight encompasses all of .Net and WPF, will we just call it .Net 5? :)

    2. Windows CE. Right now, .Net on WinCE is *painful* - especially if you're rolling your own UI controls. Silverlight would help immensely. Then again, Silverlight is already larger than .Net CF - so I'm not sure how this would work. Maybe we need Mono CF. :) Or maybe it's time to change how WinCE works (like, accept that the days when 256MB of storage and 64MB of RAM being 'lots' has gone by...)

  • So THIS is what Blogs were invented for. Your post contains lots of great information that I can share with my peers and management. Informative, concise, with links to verify. Thanks!

  • Wow. 3d. It's been a LONG time coming...I can remember years ago, Microsoft's DirectX Java-in-browser stuff. "Chrome" it was called back then. Never got off the ground thanks to the Sun lawsuit.

    Since then we've had to rely on unsafe 3rd party ActiveX controls to display 3d on the web. Now, a safe solution from Microsoft. Wooohooo!

    I predict Silverlight 3d will do for gaming what Flash did for 2d games.

  • How about pushing Silverlight 2.x and greater through Windows Updates?

  • Scott, can you let me know if SL3 is going to ship UDP socket? I think SL2 already delivered enough visual and interactive capabilities, which are good mimic of what Flash already did. Why not spend some time on this fundamental networking stuff - UDP socket which ActionScript can never deliver? UDP is so important and can make Silverlight totally different.

  • Please add full WCF client binding capabilities instead of just BasicHttpBinding to enable stronger authentication for LOB apps.

  • Can you elaborate on the 3D? That's the only thing that has kept me from switching from Flash to Silverlight since Flash at least has 3D libraries that allow for texturing and camera control.

  • that's great news! thx

  • Hi Scott,
    Thank you so much for the update. Are you planning to support surround sound (5.1 ch sound) in Silverlight3?

  • Awesome blog post!

  • each of these request - I keep thinking...4mb...5mb....6mb...10mb...20mb...


    printing, clipboard, non-blurry text

    How about a SL 2.5 :)

  • Silverlight is a very nice product. As many other people have been pointing out. Any product like this must have printing for serious business developement. I really hope this printing gets added (XPS or PDF).

  • argh, would really be nice to have silverlight controls droppable/draggable in visual studio as soon as possible!

  • Still needs Mac PPC support, and Linux support.

  • Hi Scott,
    These are great news, but I think that, adding to the features you already mentioned, you should think about printing and web cam/mic support. These would enable richer and more immersive silverlight appliations for business and media.

    can't wait to see the new features.

    Will silverlight 3 be an incremental and backward compatible upgrade (like .net 3.0 and 3.5 are to 2.0) or will it be an entirely new beast?

  • Regarding H.264 -- it would be really nice to see this before v3, especially if v3 is going to be a fall release like v2 was. I think H.264 is possibly the most important feature for Silverlight right now.

  • Flash 10 just got color management. If you want to be taken seriously with photography web sites you cn't let color management slip beyond v3.

  • Hi Scott,

    Dear I want to confirm one thing. Does Silverlight 2 Support wsHttpBinding. And if it doesnt will silverlight 3 be supporting it.

    best of luck for future developments.

    Thank you

  • Wow this is great news :). How do you plan on adding WebCam support to Silverlight ? As you know Flash has it and Silverlight doesn't. Webcam support should be important addition for Social Networking.

  • Will these major releases cause any problem to existing silverlight applications ?

  • Hi Scott,

    I have the question. Is rich text editor (may be simple html editor) in roadmap for Silverlight 3?

  • Hi,

    As you said :

    Silverlight 3:Next year Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express will also support a fully editable and interactive designer for Silverlight

    means now we can edit design in VS IDE? and need not require to open blend anymore? if so, this is cool then for the core developers, else much of the time is getting consume to explore and learn blend.

  • Scott, webcam support in version 3???


  • Althought I could not catch this speed of silverlight develope,I want to get silverlight3 as soon as I could

  • Silverlight 3 is coming next year.
    So this means a new servicepackt for Visual Studio 2008?

  • what is with the rtl problem ?

  • Silverlight 2 is Awesome and just can't imagine how far Silverlight 3 will go. I think you guys are following; "thinking beyond imagination" :) cheers.

  • It would be gr8 if there were some form of input validation available in v3, Anyway awsome job!

  • it is really unfortunate that this post coinsides with the news that Major League Baseball dumps Silverlight for Flash. For me as a .Net developer, I would prefer Silverlight as the learning curve is shorter but for corporates who think of the economic side of the equation, it is a big decision to make.

  • Dear Scott,

    Any news on support of reporting services in Silverlight 3?

  • Regarding hardware 3D in Silverlight, I am curious if this means that Microsoft is planning on implementing DirectX on other platforms, or if Silverlight will utilize OpenGL on OS X and Linux implementations? Either way, this would represent what I think is a pretty big departure from normal MS considerations in this realm. Does anyone have any additional details on this?

  • Can you please give us a Save As Dialog in Silverlight 3 so we can save files locally. Currently we have the Open File Dialog. Can we please have the Save As Dialog? So many really good reasons to do this. For example imgage editing apps can save directly to disk, security based apps that dont want to send docs back to server to be decrypted, etc.. etc.. etc..

    Some people have said there are security issues with doing this but I cannot think of one that prevents you from finding a technically feasible implementation. You can trust the domain/site just like you do when you download an ActiveX control or allow pop ups. Please do this.

    Pardon the begging... :-)

  • Scott,

    Please, please, please include a FileSaveDialog soon.

  • Scott, any possibility of the SL team resurrecting support for synchronous WCF calls?


    -- Ravi B

  • The 6 features I need the most are:

    1. Printing
    2. Creating an image from a control e.g. Canvas in order to do a "screenshot" so that I can send it to the server.
    3. ImageBrush.Viewbox is useful for cropping irregular shapes and sizes (with Path element)
    4. Richtext
    5. Bitmap functions like brightness, contrast, sepia etc...
    6. 3D text

    xamlwriter is also important, but I have a workaround


  • Let me add to the those who ask for non-blurry text, i.e. non-anti-aliased/clear-typed text. I understand that this doesn't bother most people, but for some it's really annoying. I turn clear type off on my computer and SL text looks out of place and blurry. Also, it'd be nice if the text would be selectable by default. Ideally, people would not know that's a SL control and would see it as just another piece of the page.

  • Scott,
    Would be nice UDP support.

  • Great news! Any useable download figures that can backup your stats? It'd be great to give some impartial figures to clients during meetings.

  • Essential features for next version:


    Games: WriteableBitmap

  • >Scott, can you let me know if SL3 is going to ship UDP socket?

    Scott, I want to add a vote for this as well! :) This would be a huge win for MS as it is something flash does not offer. Or is there any reason why SL does not have this functionality?


  • Its Really Cool hearing abt. 3D support and other features Plz. provide some tutorials and guides in Silverlight about these.

  • Scott,

    I wish all the best to the Silverlight team for v3, and I hope that it makes it to portable devices like PSP, PS3, iPhone, etc.

  • What about "out of browser" support, I mean to be able to develop desktop applications with silverlight?

    Thanks for your blog!

  • Any thing for let it be truly cross Platform like Flash.
    Mean's we just developed in One IDE [ofcourse Visual studio rather then using eclipse e.t.c for other operating systems] and it should run on All major Operating systems like Flash support.
    What is the news about SL on windows mobile ?

  • Hi Scott,

    Its really good news...and waiting for sl3.


  • any chance of adding the ability to call native code?

  • Scott, how about transparency support in Silverlight 3???

  • I've heard that microsoft want to dismiss silverlight.
    is that true?

  • ADO.net datasets are fantastic tools for business developers. Even when we aren't getting data from a database they are extremely useful objects, objects that .net web services can specify as a return type of the consuming clients are to be .net based. It would be great if datasets could be added in for Silverlight 3 so that existing webservices that utilize datasets in an enterprise could be supported!

    Great post, it will be exicting what we will be able to do with VS.net for the web in the coming years thanks to Silverlight!


  • Scott, thanks for the SL3 info. Now to add my feature requests ...

    1) Fix image brush and allow it to be tileable
    2) The ability to show modal popups (a message pump feature)
    3) Motion paths like in WPF
    4) Allow us to descend the and Brush and Geometry classes
    5) The ability to write to bitmaps
    6) Fix the issue where bitmap pixel width and height cannot be read after an ImageSource is set (Currently you have to parent an Image and wait for the layout engine to read back the width and height of an image)

  • Please support SVG. Yeah, I know...not invented here. Lack of standards-based 2D graphics is killing us here (no, Silverlight is not gonna be installed everywhere), so we need it.

  • Hi - I tried downloading silverlight release, and then this Twit2 application.

    When I try and run it, I get asked to install Silverlight - clicking on the logo takes me to the download site where it advises:

    installed version Silverlight 2 RTW (2.0.31005.0)
    requested version Silverlight 2 Beta 1 (2.0.30226)

    Is there anyway of changing the version of Silverlight to the RTW release (which I assume is the most up to date) within the Twit2 application?

    Thank you for any advice,


  • Scott, please enable silverlight to be able to use the mic and webcam

  • Any possibility that Silverlight 3 will interact with a local encrypted file?

  • Hello,
    I need distribute Silverlight to Active Directory with .msi file. as I get the msi?



  • Does anyone know what kind of worklow(state or sequential) was used in Blackpoint workflow management solution?

  • Any thoughts on Major League Baseball using Flash instead of SL for videos?

  • Scott, please PLEASE add microphone support to Silverlight 3!
    Our company builds innovative VoIP applications, and the one thing making it impossible for us to use Silverlight, is the lack of microphone support!
    Flash has got this functionality for a very long time, all the browser based phone and voip applications consequently use Flash.
    I regret you're missing out on such a rapidly growing market.

  • I have been very impressed by the picture quality. I would like to know what is the bit rate. I saw it on www.Ultralearn.com

  • Dear Scott,

    Any chance of enhancing DataGrid Control and rich functionality? like paging, grouping, combobox, theme ... rather than reference to the external library?

    Love to see Samples like
    - How to Create Silverlight LOB Application similar to MS CUI Sample
    - What is the best practice developing Silverlight Apps (WCF and Silverlight UI)
    - Integrating Reporting Services in Silverlight
    - Printing?

    Can't wait to see SL3 with better performance.

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for your great blog; I think you should add as Microsoft these basic futures in your next release,
    1. Printing which is important in enterprise application
    2. Support for webcam and mic which make it possible for dev to make video conference over the silver light
    3. Localization and right to left support
    And one question if you can answer it, why you are not writing the silver light on Linux which is now developed by mono project as moonlight and why not make a full developing platform for developer to make the life easier for them and their users.
    and at the end, do you think the roadmap will be released for the next version?
    Thanks in advance

  • That's really awesome!!! Talking about 3D graphics in silverlight how about extensive support for peripherals , like if someone has a XBox 360, he can browse a title right from the device and upon payment completion, it lauches the game in silverlight (full screen), in this way this will also give him a seamless cohesion between load of devices, also game developers will find a new era :-).

  • 3D and Hardware Acccelleration?

    So where does this leave XBAP then?

    It seems like there will be two technologies with an ever closer feature set.

  • Scott,

    The news are great, but there's one thing that's realy anoying... silverlight install process.

    Consider this scenario: I develop a site that uses flash technology. When a user hits my site and he hasn't got flash player installed, a message is displayed informing this fact and asks for authorization to install the plug-in. The user agrees, the activex control is dowloaded, installed and the content is displayed. All this happened without the user leaving the page and with minimum efort.

    The install process is flash biggest advantage over silverlight. Because, if a user's got tho download silverlight, close the browser, install silverlight, reopen the browser, go back to your site... this user is gone. You've lost the chance to capture the user's atention.

    Most of the users just want to go to a site, watch a video, view some photos and move on. With such a painful install process, the user will look elsewhere for content.

    If the silverlight install process was just as strainfoward as flash's...


  • I am also one of the people waiting eagerly for UDP support... This is the only feature lacking before we can get a lot of cool/advanced realtime multiplayer games in Silverlight. I´m working on a 2-8 player realtime (30fps) action multiplayer game. If MS doesn't add UDP support soon I will have to go for e.g. Java or the Unity engine :(

  • I know this is a bit of the topic, But can you tell me how to show HTML text in the Silverlight control. I am trying to create a Silverlight applictaion where I want to show RSS feed. But the RSS feed description column contains text in format which also contains HTML tags. How do we show these text as the browser does? Any control that is comming up for this.

  • Plus one for synchronous web service calls. Sometimes you just can't do without them.


  • My Silverlight 3 wishes:
    1. A Fit Client platform like AIR. Game over for Flex (at least in my life...Flex is such a pain).
    2. Make sure scriptcommands can be embedded in h.264 videos.
    3. MediaTimeline. Without this, it's very hard to sync cue points with the video playhead position.
    4. Style triggers.
    5. Better interop with WPF. I would like to be able to embed a Silverlight app inside a WPF app and easily connect the two. Although I won't need this too badly if #1 is supplied.

    Keep it up. My only complaint is I need Silverlight 3 now!

  • Wow.. so much Flash/Flex jealousy going on here. Dont forget guys, if you dont have designer skillz, what good will all this be? But if you do, kudos to you..

  • looks very nice but unless they release a version for linux I will not be using it...

  • Scott, I am sure a lot of people have already asked you this and let me ask again. :)
    What is the roadmap for rich text editor?

  • There should be a more direct way of databinding to SQL. I find it very tedious using the current Silverlight, WCF, Linq to SQL method just to get a list of contents off a table.

  • Till it is truly Platform independent I don't think that it would be get popular or any way close to the competition for Flash.[I don't agree for moonlight project for Linux or soo.It should be developed on a single IDE and Can be run on all platform like Flash]
    On my wish list is more easy development support in VS [so that we can get rid of Expression blend] and print capability.

  • Is there any suuport for RTL language's in sl3 ?

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