QueryString values along with id parameter in ASP.NET MVC

 A number of folks have asked me how to pass query string values along with a route parameter id. They are looking onto send a url like  http://MySite/Home/Edit/5?name=shiju.

The below is the routing configuration





    new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional }




We need to pass route information for id parameter and also attach query string values. The below is our action method


public ActionResult Edit(int id,string name)


    //To Do

    return View();


 The below action method would set values for id parameter and query string parameter name.

<%=Html.ActionLink("Edit","Edit",new { id=5,name="shiju"}) %>

The ActionLink helper would generate the following markup

<a href="/Home/Edit/5?name=shiju">Edit</a>


Our Action method would automatically taken the value 5 for id and value "shiju" for name. This is really nice feature and convention of ASP.NET MVC


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