Yonkly - An open source twitter clone with ASP.net MVC

Yonkly is an open source twitter clone application built with ASP.net MVC. Yonkly provides the functionalities of twitter and some additional features such as threaded messages and also provides integration with twitter. Visit Emad Ibrahim's (Author of Yonkly) blog post for the detailed information. The project is available in Codeplex at http://www.codeplex.com/yonkly


  • nice post--- download link!!!

  • Yonkly doesn't ever work, unless you get a paid version. The developer declines to help for the open source one. I wonder why people quote Yonkly so often!!! I've put my complete 2 days messing around, putting in various mvc versions, various visual studios expresses, that damn thing won't ever work. Yes I know what you'll say. Off course, its always better to develop your own app rather than getting an open-source and then complaining. Thanks.

  • it is not an open source.

  • Hi,
    I am trying to use Yonkly open source clone.
    i tried more than 4 days. but lo luck so far.

    i think there are lot of issues.
    Some can give me link where i can download twitter clone in asp.net.

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