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  • Building RSS Readers with ASP.NET Whidbey

    Kent showed a simple RSS reader that can be built with the ASP.NET Whidbey alpha today.  Note that in the alpha the XmlDataSource can only databind to local XML files stored on the file-system.  With the beta we've added support for the XmlDataSource to also be able to bind to remote XML documents available over a network.  This will enable you to build an RSS reader populated off of remote RSS feeds (like 

    Should make building custom reader views easy and fun....

  • Job Opportunities on ASP.NET and Visual Studio Web Development Tools Team

    I've seen a few other blog entries advertising job openings, and decided to add to the list.

    We currently have openings for PM, Dev and Test positions on the ASP.NET and Visual Studio Web Development Tools team.   If you are interested in applying, please send a resume to (this is our private job alias). 

    Below are a few of the position descriptions (note all of the positions are in Redmond, Washington):

    Program Manager

    Yearning to show your creativity on a strategic new product? The ASP.NET team is looking for an experienced and technical program manager to help define the next generation development tool for building ASP.NET applications. Our charter is to build the technology within Visual Studio targeted specifically at web developers.

    The responsibilities for this job include designing and owning the web development features within the Visual Studio .NET line of products, and seeing them through to completion. A qualified candidate should have the necessary skills to coordinate with development, testing, user education and the rest of the PM team to ensure successful delivery of their features to market. Candidates should also have experience creating development tools and a knack for user interface design. Strong customer focus, great communication and presentation skills, cross-team coordination, and a technical understanding of web development are also highly desirable qualities for the job. A BA/BS in Computer Science or a related technical field is strongly preferred.

    Program Manager

    ASP.NET is looking for a technical PM to drive key features of the product. This position will focus on owning existing and designing new server controls. Our Whidbey release is taking server controls to a whole new level of scenario based functionality and we want to continue to push the envelop of what our server controls can do.

    Join a customer-oriented PM team dedicated to building the best, web development platform and tools in the market. The ASP.Net team owns the runtime and design-time experience for developers building on Microsoft’s web development platform. This position is primarily responsible for owning key features from initial design through development and test to completion. Responsibilities also include working with the usability, design and user education teams to ensure the best possible overall experience for web developers. You’ll work with both internal and external early adopters to gather requirements, drive adoption, and incorporate feature requests back into the product. You will also participate in community activities ranging from presenting at conference and software design previews, to building samples and answering online questions from customers. Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively in cross-organization situations are critical to the success of this position. Experience with web development technology is strongly desirable. Previous Program Management feature experience and a BA/BS in Computer Science or a related technical field is preferred.

    Lead Software Design Engineer in Test

    Are you passionate about building great software? Are you interested in helping to build and drive Microsoft’s web application server platform and web development tool? Do you enjoy leading and developing the careers of a team of technical testers?

    The ASP.Net Team is looking for highly motivated exceptional test leads skilled in managing a team responsible for creating applications and tools to ensure the highest quality in products. Primary responsibilities include managing a team of testers responsible for developing, implementing and executing automated test suites across multiple platforms utilizing the .Net Framework. Additional responsibilities include peer development, resource management, schedule coordination, providing feedback on product design, establishing quality criteria and working with other test and development teams. Qualifications should include a minimum of 5 years software testing experience with at least 2 years of management experience. Skills required include developing test applications, architecting and using automation tools/frameworks, knowledge of and experience with C/C++/C#, Java, and/or Visual Basic. Either a minimum of a BA/BS degree in Computer Science/Engineering or 5 years demonstrated programming experience is preferred.

    Software Design Engineer in Test

    Primary responsibilities include designing, implementing, and debugging automated and manual test cases for the next generation Web Application Framework. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to evolving tests to run in a new managed code automation framework, writing tools to improve testing efficiency, analyzing test runs, verifying bug fixes, providing feedback in the product design and specification process, along with using the product to develop customer-empathetic test scenarios and real world applications.  BA/BS degree in Computer Science required.

    Software Design Engineer

    Are you passionate about building great software? The ASP.NET team is building the next generation web development platform and tool. We are looking for highly motivated exceptional developers for our development tool. Successful candidates must have very strong technical and communications skills, proven ability to work across teams designing and implementing features, as well as the ability to work independently. Technical requirements include at least 3 years of development experience, good working knowledge of both managed and unmanaged code (C# and C++) as well as familiarity with COM/COM+ programming. Experience with ASP, ASP.NET, HTML is a plus.  BA/BS degree in Computer Science required.

  • New ASP.NET Web Resources Control Feature in Whidbey

    Nikhil has posted two blogs on the new web resources feature in Whidbey.  At a highlevel it provides a nice way for control developers to encapsulate resources for their controls within a compiled assembly (as resources), and then be able to leverage them at both runtime and design-time without having to copy files all over their dev machine and web-server (for example: for images, scripts, etc).

    You can read both articles here:

    Below is a full screen-shot of what the WebResources feature enables at design-time for the new TreeView control.  Note how the images for the nodes show up both on the design-surface and within the auto-format dialog -- these aren't on the file-system anywhere, instead they are pulled directly from the control's assembly (caveat: this only shows up with beta builds -- it wasn't enabled yet at the time of the alpha).  The same approach works at runtime (the runtime piece works in the alpha -- just the design-time part that isn't done yet).

    In general, I'd highly recommend subscribing to Nikhil's blog if you are interested in server control development.  RSS feed at:

  • Output Caching to Disk in Whidbey

    Oddur asked an interesting question about caching out of process with ASP.NET:

    With ASP.NET V1 and V1.1, cached items are always stored in-memory.  With ASP.NET Whidbey -- starting in the spring Beta -- we'll automatically save output cached entries to disk.  This will enable cache items to survive worker process restarts.  It also enables you to cache items for far longer durations without requiring tons of memory.  Applications using aggresive output caching today should see a significant reduction in memory working set as a result.

    The disk based output caching support also works well with an additional new Whidbey feature -- which is database driven cache invalidations.  You could use the two to cache a page for weeks -- but automatically re-generate it if necessary when the database rows it uses are updated on the backend.  Just like a cached page in memory, you can setup the cache item to automatically vary by querystring or other browser values.