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  • ScottGu chatting on MSDN right now

    Sorry for the late notice -- but I thought I'd pass along the fact that I'm in a online MSDN chat room talking about Whidbey right now.  You can join by following this link:

  • Mac OS X is fun

    I noticed a few blog posts on scroll by in the last day about the new breed of Apple machines coming out and the coolness of Panther:



    I agree that OS X and the latest machines are pretty cool.  I actually bought a 17-inch Powerbook G4 for home last fall and really love it.


    [Disclaimer: I have 5 computers at home, and before anyone asks -- Windows runs on my main machines.  I just enjoy playing and developing on different operating systems and seeing what is out there.]


    I find myself much more productive on Windows when it comes to my most common tasks (email and development – where the latest versions of Outlook and Visual Studio are hard to beat), but there is a slickness and fun factor to OS X that is really addictive.  The Unix foundation was what pushed me over the edge in buying one – since it meant I had a much larger toolchest to play with on it (note: the fact that they finally support two button mice and have Emacs preinstalled was what sealed it).


    I spent much of this past weekend getting back into Mac GUI development (a little known fact is that I actually used to work for Apple while in college in the early 90s).  My first GUI programming exposure on any platform was actually with the Mac Toolbox as System 7 was just starting to come out (back when pretty much every coding error meant a machine reboot – ahh, those were the days…). 


    I’m still wrapping my head around Cocoa.  I like the framework, but Objective C is an acquired taste that I’m still trying to acquire (and the Java support for Cocoa seemed cool at first, but runs out of steam as you try and do more complex things).  Carbon feels very natural to me, but is not what cool kids use (perhaps that says something about me?).  My plan is to do two non-trivial projects (one with each technology) over the next few weeks to understand each better.


    Fun stuff…


  • Conferences and Keynote Ideas

    This month has required a lot of work related travel. 


    I was in Wisconsin for a user-group event last Saturday ( I actually arrived Friday night at mid-night, did a 2 hour talk starting at 9:45am, and was on my way to the airport back shortly past noon – which meant 16 hours of travel to/from Seattle via Minneapolis but only a little over 12 hours total in Wisconsin itself.


    I am heading down late tomorrow night for the SD West conference in San Jose ( where I am giving two talks Wednesday morning before heading back to Seattle that afternoon.


    I just realized today that I am also then heading to Orlando this weekend to give the keynote and two breakout talks at the ASP.NET Connections conference (  For some reason I thought this was the following weekend, and so need to now come up with a good 45 minute keynote topic in the next few days.


    I’m looking for suggestions on what to talk about.  I have a standard one that I give on ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer 2005, but which I’m growing bored giving, so would love to hear suggestions on new things to cover.  I was originally thinking about doing one on IIS7 and showing that off, but think it might be better to wait until the fall for that (so that the main focus stays on Whidbey and what people will be able to-do this year as opposed to next).


    Two other keynote possibilities:


    1) Talk about the end-to-end lifecycle of building/maintaining applications.  Show of ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio – but then also show off VSTS support for web apps and talk about enterprise deployments and such.


    2) Provide an inside look into how we build ASP.NET.  Walkthrough the Microsoft development process, how we structure teams and projects, and what all we do during the product cycle to get to a shipping state.  I actually think this talk could be a lot of fun.


    Thoughts?  Preferences?  I’d be very interested in what people think would be cool to hear.


  • ScottGu Channel 9 Interviews

    I did my first sit-down channel 9 interview last month which was fun.  They posted the first half of the interview last week, and just posted the second part today.  We covered a whole bunch of topics including: