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  • Orchard Harvest 2015 Panel session

    This week, I had the chance to attend the Orchard Harvest conference 2015 in Alicante, Spain.


    If you want to know more, I posted an article to summarize all the sessions (with links to Bertrand Leroy ‘s live blogging articles he made during the conference.)


    The last session was a panel and the attendees could ask questions to some of the Orchard committee members  :


    Bertrand Leroy, Zoltán Lehóczky, Sébastien Ros


    Here are some of the questions :

    Will there be an Orchard 1.10 after 1.9.2?

    Yes. The 1.9.2 version of Orchard will be released soon.

    There are already ideas for features that could be implemented in a 1.10 version (deployment, …)


    What about the Gallery of modules?

    The SSL Certificate has expired a few weeks ago. DotNetFoundation helped to buy a new one. It should be fixed soon.

    The gallery almost didn’t have any improvement in 5 years.

    We want to make some improvements like adding link to repository or manage the versions compatibility in a better way.

    Sebastien is working on it (he already has a solution and database in which he has been able to import all the modules and owners informations).


    Will discussion forums remain on CodePlex?

    Since we migrated on GitHub, it stayed on CodePlex because GitHub doesn’t really have a way to discuss or ask questions.

    We are considering Discourse as a replacement but we need to find how to export the existing threads.

    DotNetFoundation could help us to achieve this goal.


    What is the Orchard Local ambassadors initiative?

    Zoltán talked about Orchard ambassadors which are people who are willing to bring help and support near them, in their local area.


    How can we improve Localization?

    The localizations are available on this site :

    You can translate them in your language.

    We could support in a near future the localization of technical values like Type or Field names.


    How can I monetize one of my module?

    The gallery doesn’t provide this kind of feature and it is not planned.

    A solution is to use the Orchard market site in which you can add your module and can sell it.


    How can we improve Documentation?

    Same anwser as each year : OrchardDoc is an open source repository. You can participate and add some content.

    Besides, we have to find a way to reorganize the index.

    Some other open source project tend to use another solution. Ex: the ASP.NET team is now using ReadTheDocs to generate the ASP.NET 5 documentation


    Will Multi Sites be supported?

    Multi tenant sites are existing.

    We don’t plan to create a feature that allow the sites to share informations between them.


    A few remarks from Sebastien :

    If you want to chat with Orchard developers, you can use Gitter.

    If you want to organize local Meetup or event, DotNetFoundation can help (providing stickers, sponsoring, ...)


    Will their be more people contributing to Orchard from Microsoft?

    As you may know, The Orchard has been started at Microsoft by a team of developers and then progressively became an open source project and is now a community project.

    An important point is that many teams and sites are using Orchard at Microsoft and some features have been developed for such sites and then included in the modules.


    The Microsoft effort to help the project could become more important if Orchard allows to bring many sites in Azure.

    Which leads to the final question ...


    What are the plans for Orchard 2.0?

    Nicholas Mayne has started the Orchard VNext :

    It will of course be built on ASP.NET 5 so it will be a whole new project.

    We need to make design talks about the architecture.


    If you have other questions, feel free to post or comment.

    You can also join us to our weekly steering committee meeting each Tuesday 12:00 PST and each Thursday for our bug triage meeting : (Lync room)