Orchard Core RC2

We are thrilled to announce that Orchard Core RC2 is now available. If you need to create modular or multi-tenant applications on .NET Core, this is the framework you want to use.

What is Orchard Core?

Orchard Core Framework is an application framework for building modular, multi-tenant applications on ASP.NET Core.

Or you can use Orchard Core CMS, a Web Content Management System (CMS) built on top of the Orchard Core Framework, that allows you to build full websites, or headless websites using GraphQL.

Getting Started

Installing the templates

You can install the recommended templates by running:

dotnet new -i OrchardCore.ProjectTemplates::1.0.0-*

Creating a new modular application

Using the templates, a modular MVC application can be created by running:

dotnet new ocmvc -n MySite

And a module is created by running:

dotnet new ocmodulemvc -n MyModuledotnet add MySite reference MyModule

Creating a CMS website

If you want to create new site based on the Orchard Core CMS you only need to run this:

dotnet new occms -n MySitedotnet run --project .\MySite\MySite.csproj

After going through the setup form you get a working Blog.


What's new

Orchard Core is the product of more than 150 contributors, and has now 4K stars on GitHub.

Some notable improvements include:

  • Content localization support, and pre-configured localized Setup experience

  • Improved block content management experience

  • Sitemaps management
  • Azure support improvements


The Orchard Core source code is available on GitHub.

There are still many important pieces to add and you might want to check our roadmap, but it's also the best time to jump into the project and start contributing new modules, themes, improvements, or just ideas.

Feel free to drop on our dedicated Gitter chat and ask questions.


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  • Orchard Core sounds like a robust framework for building versatile web applications and sites! It's great to see it supports both modular application development and CMS-based projects, making it a flexible choice for developers looking to leverage ASP.NET Core. The straightforward setup process for both modular MVC applications and CMS websites, enhanced by the convenience of template installation, really showcases the framework's user-friendly approach. Thanks for sharing how to get started; it's definitely a resource worth exploring for anyone in the web development space!

  • Thank you. One of the standout features of Orchard Core RC2 is its intuitive content management system, which streamlines the process of creating, organizing, and publishing content. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive content management tools, developers can efficiently manage all aspects of their website's content, from text and images to multimedia and structured data.

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