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  • Orchard documentation migration

    The documentation of the Orchard project is a community effort and an open source initiative.


    The Orchard team decided from the very beginning to use Markdown files to manage the documentation pages and to publish the source code on GitHub  so that people can contribute providing pull requests.

    Recently, the documentation has been migrated to MkDocs in order to be hosted easily on ReadTheDocs.

    The benefits are almost the same than previously :

    • Any changes on the repository will automatically be deployed after a commit/push thanks to a WebHook.
    • You just have to know the Markdown syntax to edit the files.

    Some new features convinced us to switch to ReadTheDocs :

    • The files are statically generated, so the display is pretty fast.
    • The search inspects an index file to allow to find the terms you are looking for.
    • The template is made in Jinja2 ( which is easy to integrate.
    • The design is responsive so the pages are well displayed on smaller screens.
    • We can specify which branches we want to build, which will allow to keep an history of previous versions.

    If you want to discuss with the team, you can reach us on the Gitter chat dedicated to the Orchard documentation.