Argotic Syndication Framework 2007.1 Released

The latest version of the Argotic Syndication Framework has been released. Download the 2007.1 release of the framework.

The Argotic Syndication Framework is a Microsoft .NET class library framework that enables developers to easily consume and generate web content syndication services from within their own applications

Overview of framework features:

  • Easily consume and/or generate syndicated content from within .NET client and web applications.
  • Supports consumption and inclusion of 17 of the most common specifications used to extend syndicated content.
  • Implements an extensible syndication extension model that allows users to easily develop their own pluggable syndication extensions.
  • Supports asynchronous consumption of syndicated content resources.
  • Automatic detection of syndication extensions utilized by syndication resources.
  • Supports consumption of secure/authentication restricted syndication resources.
  • Provides a format agnostic means of consuming syndication feeds.
  • Supports HTTP 1.0/1.1 conditional GET retrieval of syndication resources to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Implements a provider model that provides a uniform interface between syndication services and data sources, allowing users to choose almost any storage media.
  • Designed to be called by partially trusted code.

The framework provides full implementations of the following syndication formats:

The framework is capable of consuming the following legacy syndication formats:

The framework provides full implementations of the following commonly used syndication extensions:

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