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Installing Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS 2007)

Recently as part of one of my project, I need to install Microsoft Office Sharepoint server 2007. I went through internet and found lot of articles. Also I found the exact article from technet that gives me a clear picture. Since the technet article refers to a general scenario. Here I am going to explain how I installed sharepoint in my infrastructure.


Server Infrastructure


There was two servers available for me for the sharepoint installation. So I have decided to use one server for sharepoint and another for database. I decided to use the existing domain controller and joined the above two servers to the domain.

(Note: Both the servers are installed with windows 2008. The database server was SQL 2008.

Also note that to install sharepoint 2007, you need atleast Sharepoint Media with service pack 1, otherwise the installer will throw error)

User Accounts

I have created two domain users

  1. spsetup - This user added to the administrators group in the sharepoint server. This user is added to Sql login(using SQL management studio) in the database server and assign the roles, dbcreator, securityadmin.
  2. spdataaccess - I just created this user. I didn't add this user to any security group.
  3. spSSPUser - I just created this user. I didn't add this user to any security group.(you can ignore this user and use spdataaccess instead)


Both the servers are installed with Windows 2008.

Database server is installed with Sql Server 2008.

Also I installed IIS and Asp.net 3.0 in the sharepoint server.

Install Sharepoint

1. From the installation media, run Setup.exe.

2. Enter Product Key and then click continue.

3. Select the I accept the terms of this agreement check box, and then click Continue.

4. On the Choose the installation you want page, click Advanced.

5. On the Server Type tab, select Complete.

6. If you want to change the file location, you can do by using the file location tab

7. Click "Install now"

8. When Setup finishes, a dialog box appeared that indicated success. Be sure that the "Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard now" check box is selected and then click close.


The sharepoint product and technology configuration wizard

1. Click next from the first step and in the pop up alert click "yes".

2. In the next step, Select "I want to create a new server farm"

3. Click next In the next, until you reach database configuration

4. Specify the database server details. I didn't alter the default name for database server, in the username field i use myDomain\Spsetup and in the password field I entered the corresponding password. click next

5. This step is to configure the central administration web application. I kept the default port suggested by the wizard(make sure specify port number checkbox is not selected).

6. Select NTLm as the authentication(it is selected by default) and click next

7. Click next and, the wizard will run and it will show you the successful page with finish button.

I  added the central admin to the list of trusted sites from internet explorer. I dont think this is must, but I did this to avoid unnecessary exceptions.

Start the Office Sharepoint Server Search service

From the central administration website, click on operations

Then click on "topology and services"

Then "services on server"

Click the start button next to "Office SharePoint Server Search"

- select the checkbox "use this server for indexing content"

- enter an email address in the "contact email address" text box

- in the Farm Search Service Account section, specify the myDomain\spdataaccess and Password for the same

- then click start

Create SSP

From the sharepoint central administration website, click on "application management".

On the Application Management page, in the Office SharePoint Server Shared Services section, click Create or configure this farm's shared services.

Click new SSP

On the next page, click on "create new web application" I entered the port to 881 [ you can leave to default or use any]

On the next page, in the Application Pool section, specify the User name as myDomain\spSSPuser and corresponding password.

select "restart IIS automatically"

click ok to create new web application.

Now you will be returned to "New SSP page",

Here SSP service credentials section, use myDomain\spSSPuser and corresponding password.

Then click ok. Click ok on the confirmation page.

Now you can consider the installation is complete. The next step is to "Create a site collection and a SharePoint site". This will be carried later by the corresponding team according to their requirement.

Hope documenting this will help others who have similar requirement.


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