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SharePoint 2010: Missing new and edit options from the Site Menu

Recently one of SharePoint WCM client has reported that they were not able to update the site. All the edit/new/upload menu items were missing from the site. It was fine till the week before and suddenly it happened. I thought of publishing the steps for troubleshooting the issue as it may help somebody facing similar issues.

When I went to the Pages library after signed in as administrator, the site menu appears as follows. All update operations links are missing!


In the document library, there was not upload / new links. The images library looked like below


There was no changes applied to the site during the past few weeks, no new users added, no modifications made on the user accounts and all users were able to log in. Checking the windows events gave a more clear picture. The was the following error in the event log

“Database full error on SQL Server instance '' in database 'WSS_Content'. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.
Could not allocate space for object 'dbo.EventLog'.'EventLog_Id' in database 'WSS_Content' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full. Create disk space by deleting unneeded files, dropping objects in the filegroup, adding additional files to the filegroup, or setting autogrowth on for existing files in the filegroup.”

I have found the following technet article that related with the error.


But in our case, all the databases have auto growth settings set to on. There was no problem in the file settings. Suddenly we have noticed that the D:\ drive which was configured for SQL server data  storage have 0 GB free out of the 500 GB.

The issue was the Database administrator forgot to set back up age for SQL server backup files and it took all the disk - space. We have deleted old backup files and decided to move the backup to another folder and decided to keep backup for only one month.

After freeing the space, still the edit options were missing from the site. The reason was that when SharePoint found there is no space available in SQL server, it made the site collection with read only lock, so no more updates can be performed.

In the application management Tab of central administration, under site collections there is a section for Configure quotas and locks.


I have found the site collection was made read only.


I have made the site status to “Not locked” and click on “OK” button at the bottom of the page. Everything became normal, the new and edit menu items started appearing.

SharePoint 2010 made the database read-only when it saw there was no space available for data storage. This was a very good approach that prevents damaging the database due to in-completed update operations.


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