Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 1

This Tuesday February 22th was the first day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.

We had the pleasure to attend to many interesting sessions about Orchard CMS, Web sites uses case, Performance enhancements, ASP.NET Core MVC 2.0, modular SAAS development with Orchard Core.



Sebastien Ros (Microsoft)

Sebastien started this day by a keynote, introducing the organization of the event and talking about attendees and speakers.



Using external data with Orchard

Jorge Agraz (OneStop Internet)

During this session, Jorge explained how Onestop has used their external commerce data and Orchard’s Content Management system to make their product data display like any other Orchard content.



When Output Cache Just Isn't Enough

Chris Payne and Daniel Stolt (IDeliverable)

In this session Chris and Daniel created a website and came across several simple and common performance problems that the built-in output cache in Orchard cannot solve.

Their IDeliverable.Donuts module is available here:




What's new in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0

N. Taylor Mullen (Microsoft)

Taylor gave us an overview about the upcoming new features that will be available in ASP.NET Core 2.0 like Razor Pages.



Scaling Orchard

Rob King (Bede Gaming)

Rob explained how Bede Gaming is using Orchard CMS to build a multi-tenant solution that serves millions of transactions per day, in a multi-node Azure environment.



What is Orchard Core SaaS Framework?

Nicholas Mayne

Nick made multiple demos showing how to use the framework used in Orchard Core to create a modular SAAS application.



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