Looked at Eli's SharePoint Resources lately?

Here's a great feature idea for weblog articles - versioning. I went looking for a book link today on my resources page and SONNOVA, the article's been truncated at the Site Template list. Hmmm, I was just updating those the other day. . . ARGH! (These reactions have been heavily sanitized for family viewing.)

So maybe there's a way to recover rather than rebuild. In fact, maybe you can help. I wouldn't expect anyone to save a page of links but hey, maybe you have it cached (and have so far resisted temptation to click the link above). All versions include the phrase:
improved list of SharePoint Resources

A recent version would include the phrase:
New 2006-Mar!

This link explains how to find your MSIE cache folders, usually:
C:\Documents and Settings<i>username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

From there it's up to your favourite text search utility. I like Total Commander for all thing file management  you'll have your own. I located a version from January, can you do better?

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