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  • The relative effort of SharePoint 2010 vs. 2007

    SharePoint 2007 was the best demo-ware ever. It’s like going to the pet store and seeing a great dog that does backflips all kinds of tricks – and it really is a smart dog and it does all those tricks – but when you get it home you realize that what you need is a dog that gets the paper. SharePoint 2007 can be trained, but is fundamentally a platform where Microsoft's priority was to get the infrastructure right – to make it trainable and extensible. Because it was great demo-ware it caught on like nothing ever before and became a billion dollar product. But adapting it to specific uses did take serious effort because the priority was the infrastructure rather than the tools to build solutions on that infrastructure. Thankfully Microsoft did spend time explaining how to train it (a lesson they learned after SPS 2003), but the effort was a significant part of delivery.