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  • TechEd: Day One

    Day one was pretty groovy. The best part about a gathering of wired-folk*  is putting faces to the names and running into old friends and acquaintances. Marcie and I are staying with at Chateau Swienton this week -- Stephen is a co-lead of the Fort Worth .NET Users Group, on the board of the ASPInsiders, and a terrific developer. We've known him on the lists for a couple years but only met during the ASPAces summit just over a year ago in Redmond. It was good to finally meet his family and giant dog.

  • At TechEd!

    Arrived this morning, looks good. Checked out Don Box's "Don of Web Services" first. Good speaker, good talk. Rather than an educational spout ("here's how you do this"), it seemed a demonstration that things finally work the way they should ("it now does this"). That's a bigger turning point than it looks in print.