Generating Amazon Links

When writing blogs it is handy to include links to related books at It points the reader to good resources, and if you have an AssociateID you can even make a few bucks when your click-throughs result in sales at Amazon.

The hassle is hacking together the URLs with both the custom ASIN and your AssociateID.

Until now. Presenting:

Eli's Amazon Link Generator

Paste either the book's 10-digit ASIN, or paste the whole Amazon link into the generator, and it will parse out the 10-digit ASIN for you. Write in your AssociateID (optional) and it will remember you from visit to visit, just bookmark the page for the next time you're blogging.

Want a new feature or a link in a format you don't see? Just ask!

Sample output:


Book Link

Small Image Location

Medium Image Location

Medium Image Link (and HTML Source)

<A href=""><IMG src=""></A>

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