Chris Brumme, Stephen Hawking, and Mario Andretti

Through all this buzz on Chris Brumme's new blog, I haven't seen much mention on Brad Abrams' relatively-new blog at the same site. It's also damn good, and also shares FAQs culled from internal MS feeds. Check it out.

For A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking's ratio of books-bought to books-actually-read was (excuse the reference) astronomical. It was a great book, but its position on most bookshelves was as a vanity item rather than a practical, day-to-day reference.

That said, let's have a show of hands: who else has Ingo on their blogroll? (hands go up) Wow, that's quite a few. Who just added Chris Brumme? (a few more go up) How many of you have actually applied anything they've ever written? (a gentle breeze runs through the theatre as many hands whoosh to a position of rest)

Well, keep reading them, and any others like'em. Especially the ones where you don't always know what's going on. As Mario Andretti said, "If you feel like you're in control, you're not going fast enough." Here's to looking forward.

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