MVP v2: There goes the neighbourhood

I'm pretty happy to write that I'm on the roster of SharePoint Portal Server MVPs. This is my second time in the program, the last was as an ASP.Net MVP. Since then I've shifted my primary focus from web development to knowledge systems, though I still enjoy web dev and get my fix on that end with continued involvement in the ASPInsiders.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible! From Elizabeth, Damir, April, Fitz and the other great people on the Office Server teams in Redmond and Mississauga, to the people in the community who've inspired and helped me along the way like Bil, Michael Herman, Scott Howlett, Todd Bleeker, and the rest of the crowd from PDC last summer. It's going to be a great year ahead, and I can't wait to see it from the front seat hood of the car.

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