Web Deployment Project, MSBuild, and WAP Resources

WDP Snippets and UG Presentation

WDP Snippets.zip contains sample web.config replacement sections designed for the Personal Website Starter Kit. This version simply assumes SQLExpress and SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition are running side-by-side.

2006-06-15-TDNUG-WDP-Eli.pps contains the PowerPoint slide show from the June 16 Toronto .Net User Group Meeting.

Web Deployment Projects
WDP Provides a set of easy-to-configure property pages for controlling MSBuild. This makes it easy to create different target builds for development, test, and production target environments, or different language targets, or to inject pre- and post-build actions for logging, distribution, obfuscation, or anything else you can build in managed code.

Web Deployment Projects - Microsoft Home Page

Using Web Deployment Projects with Visual Studio 2005

Scott Guthrie's Blog on Web Deployment Projects

Managing ASP.NET Precompiled Output for Deployment Using the aspnet_merge.exe Command

This is the new build engine, and it's your friend. It makes possible all the features which the WDP merely provides an interface for.

MSBuild Team Blog

MSBuild Wiki

Editing .csproj to Declare Dependencies

MSBuild Sidekick

Adding a Task to a Build - Auto-incrementing build numbers

Web Application Projects and Other Ways to Hold Onto the Past
WAP allows you to create Visual Studio 2003-style web projects in Visual Studio 2005.

Web Application Projects

MSBee - MsBuild Everett Environment
The MSBuild Everett Environment (MSBee) allows you to build ASP.Net v1.1 from Visual Studio 2005.

Setting Up SQL Server for the Starter Kits
The Starter Kits require SQL Express, but there are ways around that if you have the time and inclination.

Notes on configuring a SQL2005 instance to behave as SQLExpress with User Instancing

Installing the Personal Web Site Starter Kit with SQL 2005 Developer Edition

Creating a Membership Provider (user/role/personalization) Database on SQL Server
Use this to generate a setup script which you can run either locally or on a server to which you don't have command-line access (thanks Bil Simser).

aspnet_regsql -sqlexportonly InstallASPNETDB.SQL -A all


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