New Article: Capabilities Required for Successful SharePoint

After a few months this page has about 10,000 hits but the article just a 1,000. So skip this page and Go read the article! (This was just a summary) [Feb 3, 2009]

Paragraph 1: "Successful deployment of SharePoint is no different than any other corporate strategy or project, only the moving pieces change. The goals remain consistency, scalability, and success by whatever measures you choose."

Paragraph 2: contains the collective wisdom of every "Best Practices for Product X" article, presentation and book published to date. 

Paragraph 3: "Now to bring this back to reality. The following sections attempt to provide all of the capabilities required to give good SharePoint.  Many are expanded to list their moving parts or to list the choices for providing the capability. Above all, enjoy."

And the next 95% contains information you can use. Go read it, bookmark it, share it, and love it!


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