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SharePoint 2010 Resources: The Beta Version

Bookmark this page! Today we're still in "pre-release" mode, some come back and watch us grow. Between the SharePoint Conference 2009 and the public beta in November, this site will provide links to all the information you need to prepare for SharePoint Server 2010 and WSS 4.0. To have your posts and articles included, just contact me through the links at the side of this page. See you in SharePoint!  

What's Here

This is a hub for SharePoint Server 2010 and WSS 4 Resources with two advantages: All resources are hand-picked and vetted for quality, and each topic contains a with hand-tuned search designed to return the latest content which you can then filter further to find what you need.


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 (Requires MSDN Subscription)

Reference [Search Results]

Wikipedia: SharePoint.

Microsoft: SharePoint Server Home Page.

Microsoft: Social Computing Home.

KBAlertz. Receive free alerts whenever Microsoft posts a new support or KB article. [Index by Technology] [SharePoint 2010 / RSS]

SPS FAQ. SharePoint Server Frequently Asked Questions. Common forum questions are answered on this site, managed by Mike Walsh.

WSS FAQ. Common WSS questions.

Hubs [Search Results]

These are the other pages like this one: starting points for doing things with SharePoint.

SharePoint Community Portal.
Heather's SharePoint Resources.


SharePoint Virtual Conference and Expo. November 5, 2009.

First looks at SharePoint 2010. October 28, 2009 7:00 to 8:30pm EST, presented by the Toronto SharePoint Users Group, via LiveMeeting.

SharePoint Conference 2009. The first source of "deep" content for SharePoint 2010. October 12-22, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


User Groups. [Search Results]

International SharePoint Association (ISPA). Map of user groups by region.

Discussions and Q&A Forums. [Search Results]

SharePoint Newsgroups (Microsoft.com)

Weblogs. [Search Results

SharePoint OPML. Includes product team blogs, MVP blogs and more.

SharePoint Products & Technologies Team Blog. [RSS]

Top SharePoint Blogs (Alltop).  

Top 100 SharePoint Blogs (Joel Oleson).

Planning and Architecture




Capability Checklist for Successful SharePoint (Eli).

Governance Resource Center (Microsoft).

Governance Checklist (Microsoft).

Robert Bogue's articles on Governance: Part I, Part II.

Administration [Search results]


SharePoint Management PowerShell Scripts (CodePlex)

Gary Lapointe's Powershell Extensions
   List of all extensions. Downloads.

Service Packs.

Backup and Restore. [Search results]

Developer Resources [Search results]

Software Development Kits (SDKs).

WSS 4.0 SDK Online. Download.

SPS 2010 SDK Online. Download.

Building the Development Environment.

Building a SharePoint 2010 Development Machine (Eli).

Building and Packaging Solutions.

Planning SharePoint Solution Packages, by Eli.

How-to Articles.

Web Parts

Creating a basic SharePoint WebPart (MSDN).

Application Pages (also known as Layout Pages)




External Lists


Namespace, Class and Web Service references.





 Features [Search Results]




Books [Amazon results]

Books are categorized by audience: developers (e.g. Web Parts, the SharePoint API), designers (re-branding, use of SharePoint Designer, look and feel), administrators (deployment and maintenance), and end-users (Mort).

"Best of" Lists.








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