International SharePoint Professionals Association: It's alive!


On Wednesday Bob Fox announced the launch of the ISPA and its website at Bob's been putting this together for well over a year so first off, congratulations to Bob on launching and thank-you for all the hard work you do to help user groups world-wide. 

What does the ISPA do? Initially its goal is to support existing SharePoint user groups and help people kick-start new ones. There's a small board and a number of evangelists world-wide. Reza and I are the first two "Canadian Evangelists" and we can't wait to have counterparts in the West and East. Canada only has one SharePoint User Group (Toronto) but there is demand from coast-to-coast. If you've been wishing there was somewhere you could go to learn the latest about SharePoint, maybe the ISPA can bring out the user group leader in you.

To learn more or to learn how to start a SharePoint user group in your area, you're welcome to contact me through this blog, or e-mail the ISPA at


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