Talking Chicken Reviews Toronto SharePoint Camp

Whenever you do something it's always great to get feedback, but here's one I definitely didn't expect -

Talking Chicken Reviews Toronto SharePoint Camp (YouTube video).

Thanks again to all our volunteers and speakers for making this happen, and to all the people who spent a beautiful Fall day with us at the Manulife building. Early signs would indicate that yes, Toronto's fantastic community of SharePointers will make this happen again next year!

We want your feedback! How can we make TSP Camp better? Whether through the comments below or your own hand-puppet videos: if you say it, we will hear it, so go ahead and say it. Be like the chicken.

Silverlight Presentation Rescheduled Nov. 21: For everyone who was looking forward to the Silverlight presentation, Josef had an unfortunate but unavoidable emergency en route. He's fine, sends his deep regrets, and will be delivering his session to the Toronto SharePoint Users Group in February this month!.

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