Toronto SharePoint User Group Wednesday, July 15: Feature Sets and Alerts

SharePoint Extensions: Feature Sets and Import/Export for Alerts


What if you could provision and manage related SharePoint Features in sets?

SharePoint Solution Packages are great for getting Features onto the server, but aside from turning each on or off one-by-one, there aren't any tools for managing them once they're deployed. The answer is a new model called Feature Sets. Whether you stack Feature Sets on top of blank sites or existing templates, they provide a new level of control over related features. Benefits include the ability to build up a site's functionality from company-wide to site-specific features, the ability to upgrade existing sites en masse with new features, and a slightly better versioning story than standard Site Templates offer by themselves. After a brief overview we'll spend most of the time in a demo, and then discuss a community project to make the power of Feature Sets available to everyone.


Oguz will also do a dive into his recent posts on Alert Management (

Oguz Demirel is a Senior Developer at Infusion Development.

Where: Nexient Learning, 2 Bloor Street West on the 12th Floor [Map].

When: Wednesday, July 15

6:00pm – Pizza

6:15pm – Welcome & Introductions

6:30pm – Presentation - SharePoint Extensions: Feature Sets and Import/Export for Alerts

8:30pm – Closing and prizes

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