Web Design Futures Today: WPF/E

This is really cool. The latest bits to be released of the Windows Presentation Framework are for WPF/E. If you do ASP.Net, this is definitely something you want to catch up on before it's released. What is it? From Scott Guthrie's blog:

"WPF/E" delivers a small client runtime that enables AJAX developers and designers to deliver richer, cross-platform, interactive web experiences.  It will allow applications to go beyond what can be done with pure HTML today, and will enable sites to significantly improve the client user experience by blending HTML UI, Dynamic Vector Graphics, Animation and Media into a seamless cross-platform browser experience.

And it works great on MSIE, Safari and Firefox. This is/will all be integrated with Expression Blend, which you can a bit more about courtesy Andrew Stopford.

[Download and Install WPF/E]

[ScottGu's Anouncement, Description, and Sample Sites]

[WPF/E Documentation]

Once installed, here's a Channel 9 intereview with BillG talking about life, WPF/E, SharePoint and everything.




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