Where to get great service for eye glasses in Toronto (Review)

Successful business is all about HR and finding people willing to think on their feet to provide great service. Back in June I had a pair of prescription sunglasses lifted (well, I left them behind and they weren't returned) while shopping for a rain jacket. I went into Hakim Optical at Dundas Square (near Yonge) after work the next day and explained that I needed polarized sunglasses for my trip "tomorrow." I was leaving at noon, and they didn't think they could do it since they were closing in an hour. the lab tech. only starts at 11 and it would be cutting it too close.

Then she said, "can you wait twenty minutes?" I said "sure, but what's the point?" She said, "I'll just get him to do them right now." Wow, cool. Trip saved. Consider me a customer.

I got regular glasses with the sunglass lenses on a magnetic clip-thing. They're designed together and look good. Making lenses for polarized sunglasses take a while so it wouldn't have been possible to just replace what I lost. But they made it work. And when I inevitably lost the clip-on sunglasses while racing for a plane, I stopped in and the same helpful salesperson replaced them on the spot. In fact it was so painless that I asked them to cut a proper pair of sunglasses, something even better for fishing.

While there I've seen other people come in with broken sunglasses walking away happy. One guy on vacation was on the phone from the East coast where he needed replacement glasses sent. No problem. There was a guy back in Regina at Cornwall Optical who was about this good - he once drilled and sewed a pair of my broken Ray Bans together because they don't take glue well - but this place could be even better. And I've been at other Hakim outlets; all reasonably good, no surprises. This place proves that once again, it's all about HR and finding people willing to think on their feet to provide great service.

Hakim Optical
Dundas Square
40 Dundas St. E.  
(at Victoria, east of Yonge)
Tel.: 416-979-5550


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