Windows XP SP2 pulled at last moment

The Inquirer reports (and C|Net as well, so it's not an Inq. crackpot story) that Microsoft has pulled Service pack 2 for Windows XP at the last moment. It was scheduled to RTM last night and to be made available for MSDN subscribers today. . But I'm sure they have their reasons. I however hope that MS realizes that their patching strategy of releasing one big pile of fixes every 2 years is not working: 1 glitch in 1 patch inside that SP2 can delay the complete set of fixes. With smaller set of fixes released more often, this wouldn't have been the case. But I'm sure they'll address this in the (near) future.

Talking about patches, Mozilla released new versions of their products Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (mail/newsclient) and Mozilla (browser) to address the security glitches reported a couple of days ago (and some were even very old (5+ years) ).

Update 7-aug-2004: It's available! :) SP2 did RTM yesterday and is available at MSDN subscribers downloads. Currently the downloads are pretty slow, I expect a lot of the MSDN subscribers are pulling the iso at the moment (a whopping 475MB, just 5 MB smaller than the full WinXP iso.. hmm....)

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