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  • LLBLGen Pro: the book!

    As a developer, IMHO you can't receive a bigger 'thank you' from your customers besides they being very happy than when they write a great review about your work or do the ultimate: write a whole book! . Joseph Chancellor wrote a book about Visual Studio.NET 2005, SQL Server 2005 and LLBLGen Pro called Rapid C# Windows Development. It walks the reader through a complete windows forms application for .NET 2.0 using the AdventureWorks database for SqlServer 2005 and LLBLGen Pro, from scratch to deployment and beyond.

  • The most frustrating thing on earth

    You know what's the most frustrating thing on earth? Writing code for design time databinding. If you've never tried it, and want to feel how frustration can flow throw a human body, please give it a try. If you're lucky you'll do everything right the first time, but as the documentation lacks and the code to write isn't that simple, you probably will make a few mistakes here and there. But that's not that bad, right? You have exceptions with stacktraces and debuggers, right?