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  • Stored procedures are bad, m'kay?

    Let me start with a blunt statement: stored procedures are bad, they are a bad way to formulate data-access logic. I can't state that enough. Today I stumbled into a blog by Rob Howard, which tries to convince the reader that whatever you do, use stored procedures! With tears in my eyes I've read the arguments he brings to the table. Some are silly and one is even based on completely wrong information and assumptions and so far away from the truth it hurts. I've blogged about stored procedures before (here, here and here) and I used them a lot for 8 years, but I'm now almost stored procedure 'free' for 8 months now, and I love the feeling. The reason is obvious: the stress of maintaining a lot of stored procedures, to write another stored procedure for each thing you want to do, is gone. Dynamic SQL is the future. (Dynamic SQL is generated on the fly by a generic piece of code which gets various data as input and generates a parametrized query from it. Which can be cached on the client and will be cached on the server. Dynamic SQL generated based on objects written in C# or VB.NET).

  • (Dutch) Tot over een uur op de DotNed meeting!

    Voor de mensen die vandaag naar de DotNed meeting gaan in Delft, ik ben er ook, dus wellicht tot zo! :) Het zal bijzonder worden, Dino Esposito zal een presentatie houden over de internals van ASP.NET, alleen dat is al de moeite waard :) Ik zal proberen morgen een klein verslagje te tikken, mocht tijd dat toelaten.

  • VB.NET developers, continued

    The article I posted yesterday received the expected replies and I hope in the future it will show people how to look at software, the users of that software and on the various 'holy wars' that are still going on (and probably will be). Today

  • VB Developers should learn to take criticism

    A couple of days now I stumble across blogs which are written by VB.NET developers who feel offended by some remark of some MS employee I will not mention here or feel offended because someone criticizes VB.NET. I feel sorry for those VB.NET developers who feel offended: they do not understand that it isn't something personal, it's just criticism on a language and, sorry, every soul has the right to have that criticism. Sometimes it's criticism on the developers using VB.NET and then again, sorry, this is sometimes true, albeit it is based on generalization which is something that should be noted as well.