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  • VS.NET 2005 Beta 3? Why?

    Some people argue that VS.NET 2005 should get a Beta 3 before RTM. I disagree: there are CTP builds for the people who want to see progress, and above all:


    Requiring a Beta 3 of VS.NET 2005 suggests production work is done with VS.NET 2005 Beta 2. Well, I never understood that, but alas, some people have no choice as they say. Despite the situation you're in, you're working with beta software, and a Beta 3 won't change that. As with everything that's in beta: it's buggy, and not reliable, by definition., otherwise the version would have been called RTM and it would have been released to use already.

    If you run into problems with such a beta product, you should have expected that. After all, it's beta software.

  • To all 3rd party control vendors: push MS to release hotfix 887818

    I've had it completely with Microsoft's Hotfix policy for VS.NET 2002/3. This is the most lowest form of support you possibly can get. What's the problem? Well, the (in)famous 'Cannot copy assembly <Referenced Assembly> to file <Current Project Output Folder>\bin\Debug\Release\<Referenced Assembly>.dll. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' error.

    The thing is, Microsoft already fixed it in October 16th, 2004. That's right, almost 9 months ago. Please see the details of this crappy bug and its fix here:;en-us;887818

  • TechEd 2005 ended. It was a blast!

    TechEd Europe 2005 is now officially over, it was a great event, I had a wonderful time! . Being on the stand of Ask the Experts was great, and a lot of fun.

    Today I met again a lot of interesting people. Too bad I couldn't make it to Roy's sessions (once it was full, the other time it was stress all over here due to a bugfix that needed deployment) so maybe next time, Roy! Besides my daily technical discussions with my good friend Jeroen vd Bos, I met Paul Gielens and Alex Thissen, and we had great in-depth discussions about everything IT. These are the great things of being at TechEd: you can discuss on a high level with people about topics they are specialist in and you want to know more about. . I also had more time to show the new LLBLGen Pro designer in development to Dion Olsthoorn of Macaw.

    It was also great to finally meet Ingo Rammer! Too bad we didn't have much time to have a long chat, but nevertheless meeting him in person was great!

  • TechEd 2005, so far

    TechEd 2005 has been great so far. Met a lot of interesting and nice people, like today for example Andres of DeKlarit, we had a great chat .

    Yesterday I met one of my favorite Irish .NET developers, Marcus MacInnes. Great guy, I hope to have another chat with him later this week.

    Working on the Ask the Experts area is great too, today a lot more people came to the booths to ask questions. Keep them coming! . Tomorrow is my birthday (35 already!) and I'll attend to 2 sessions only: the panel discussion with Roy Osherove, to finally meet him (I wanted to enter the Chalk and Talk session of Roy but it was full), and the DSL architecture course in the afternoon to see what the DSL capabilities are, as it looks promissing.