Archives / 2004 / September
  • Major upgrade of LLBLGen Pro released!

    After 3 months of hard work, today, a major upgrade of one of the leading O/R mappers for .NET, LLBLGen Pro, has been released! . A large amount of new features are added to the new runtime libraries and templates, among them: MS Access 2000/XP/2003 support, prefetch paths, paging in entity collections and lists, aggregate function support and sql expression support and much more. Below is the full list of new things.

    This upgrade is of course free for our customers .

  • Killing a Yukon myth

    About once a week or so I get the question what the strategy will be with our O/R mapper LLBLGen Pro in relation with Yukon (SqlServer 2005): will the O/R mapping code run totally inside the database server or will it be running outside the database, like with SqlServer 2000. This is actually a question that I can imagine is puzzling a lot of developers, also the ones not using any O/R mapper at all: will we be able to run the DAL inside Yukon and with that benefit from the close connections between DAL code and database server, and how do we call this DAL?