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  • MVP Summit!

    I'll be leaving for the MVP Summit in Seattle tomorrow (tuesday) morning. I hope to see you there, if you're attending as well! .

  • Google competing directly with MS? No, why should they?

    Jason Salas wonders what will happen if Google got into the developer tool business. Interesting thought which I'm sure, among other thoughts, has bounced inside Microsoft's exec's minds a couple of times. Though, with all the hoopla about Google picking up the gauntlet and heading over to Redmond to conquer the first house on Microsoft Way, one would almost forget that it would be a silly business decision to do so.

  • Let me say it again: Linq==cool

    For the people who misunderstood me in my last posting: I really like Linq as a general purpose system to offer a single interface for accessing enumerable data structures.

    My point in my previous posting wasn't to rant about Linq, as I truly like it, my point was that the video gave me the idea as if they believed they had invented something like O/R mapping, an OO overview of your relational model and a compile-time checked query system. I can do that today, so that's nothing unique. .

  • Yes, that's called O/R mapping, and it exists oh... for a decade or so.

    I just watched this video, where Anders Hejlsberg explains to Channel 9 what Linq is. I couldn't help it but think "Why is everyone at Microsoft doing as if they've invented something new, or hearing from it for the very first time?". Also read the comments below the video on channel 9... I seriously doubt it if some people ever look beyond what they get from Microsoft. . I like Linq's general structure, and I think it's a step forward, but please... drop the act as if you all discovered something no-one has thought of before, especially in the department where databases come into play.

  • Linq==Cool. DLinq==... what!?

    Ok, everybody and his/her brother has blogged about Linq already so why not ramble some words about linq here? .

    First, Linq itself. Linq is cool. It's a system to build language constructs inside C# or VB.NET. For the people who haven't waded through the .docs describing Linq in detail, you can see it as operator overloading on steroids: define your own language constructs with C#/VB.NET language constructs in a typed way, so that you can write simple queries or functions over data, which resolve to your own structures, expression trees, or to plain C#, VB.NET, whatever you can think of.