TechEd 2005 ended. It was a blast!

TechEd Europe 2005 is now officially over, it was a great event, I had a wonderful time! . Being on the stand of Ask the Experts was great, and a lot of fun.

Today I met again a lot of interesting people. Too bad I couldn't make it to Roy's sessions (once it was full, the other time it was stress all over here due to a bugfix that needed deployment) so maybe next time, Roy! Besides my daily technical discussions with my good friend Jeroen vd Bos, I met Paul Gielens and Alex Thissen, and we had great in-depth discussions about everything IT. These are the great things of being at TechEd: you can discuss on a high level with people about topics they are specialist in and you want to know more about. . I also had more time to show the new LLBLGen Pro designer in development to Dion Olsthoorn of Macaw.

It was also great to finally meet Ingo Rammer! Too bad we didn't have much time to have a long chat, but nevertheless meeting him in person was great!

It was a great week, although I didn't attend a lot of sessions. . One session which was the session for me was the DSL tool session yesterday (thursday). It will change the landscape of tools for developers as we know it today forgood. Currently it's still an MS research project, though it will be released early next year. A toolkit definitely worth looking out for! .

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