LLBLGen Pro v5.0 Beta has been released!

Since the first commit into the v5.0 fork back in the Fall 2014, we’ve been hard at work to make LLBLGen Pro v5.0 a worthy successor of the highly successful v4.x version. Today, we’ve released our hard work in beta, feature complete form: LLBLGen Pro v5.0 beta is now available.

For the features which are new, I’d like to refer to the two posts I did on the two CTPs we released: CTP1 features and CTP2 features, with one exception: the Home tab we added in CTP1 has been reworked into a different Home tab, as shown below.


The full change log since CTP2 can be found here.

Besides the ‘headliner features’ like the central relational model data synchronization and the derived model support for DTO and Document Databases, what I’m particularly pleased with is the tremendous amount of small things we managed to add: from simple things like defining a default database type for a .NET type when you do model-first development (so you can easily control if e.g. a .NET DateTime typed entity field maps to a Date DB type, Time DB type, or other) to things you’d expect like wiring up the references of multiple generated VS.NET projects automatically, or the 30%-40% faster linq/queryspec projection fetches in our runtime framework, making it faster than a lot of the well-known microORMs.

If you’re a v4.x licensee of LLBLGen Pro, the beta is available to you and can be downloaded from the ‘My Account’ page on our website.

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