LLBLGen Pro v5.1 RTM has been released!

After 2 successful EAPs and a beta, we’re happy to release the RTM version of LLBLGen Pro v5.1! To see what’s new in detail please see the blogposts about EAP1, EAP2, and the Beta.

In short:

  • Entity Framework Core v1.x support. The LLBLGen Pro designer now supports Entity Framework Core v1.x, the new version of Microsoft's Entity Framework ORM. More information.
  • Plain SQL Api. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework now lets you execute plain SQL statements using parameters directly onto the database, including fetching resultsets and projecting the resultsets to POCO classes. With this API you don't need a microORM on the side anymore for those situations where the runtime couldn't give you the right query. This API is also very fast: fetching a query is faster than most microORMs. More information.
  • Target hints. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework now supports select target hints for SQL Server and MySQL in Linq and QuerySpec queries. More information.
  • Temporal (history) table support. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework now supports temporal tables for SQL Server 2016 and higher/ DB2 , through Linq / QuerySpec (Select / fetch queries only). Temporal tables are an easy, friction free way to store previous versions of modified / deleted rows in a table. The temporal table support in LLBLGen Pro allows you to include older versions of entities when querying. More information.
  • Easier projections for QuerySpec and stored procedures. It's now easier to create projections of stored procedure resultsets onto POCO classes, all it takes is specifying the target type. More information.

The new runtime is of course lighting fast and beats most (micro)ORMs, including Dapper and Entity Framework Core. See the latest raw data-access benchmarks: See results from November 22nd using the latest RawDataAccessBenchmark code.

LLBLGen Pro v5.1 is a free upgrade for all v5 subscription owners.

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