LLBLGen Pro v5.2 has been released! (and first quickstart video posted)

LLBLGen Pro v5.2 has been released! It’s a version with a couple of ‘highlight features’ like full model analysis and a lot of smaller new features / changes which together form a large list of new goodies, see my previous post on LLBLGen Pro v5.2.

We also started creating some videos, which are meant to get you started with LLBLGen Pro and show you how to get results very quickly, using various tools in the designer and the different ways people want to work (Model first, Database First). The first video is now done and it’s embedded below. It’s about getting from just a database to working sourcecode using database-first modeling. The next video will show how to get from scratch to a working database and working code using model-first modeling.


From Database To Code, using LLBLGen Pro

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