So you wonder why it takes Microsoft a long time to ship an application?


I'm simply speechless . Today I read Sam Gentile's remark that Vista itself is its own killer app. Reading the article linked above I can't believe Vista can even be considered a forward, as it's definitely a BIG step back for software engineering.

I'm also sad . Sad because for large droves of managers, software engineering isn't something of any value it seems. If a manager puts that much people on a stupid feature like a shutdown menu, you definitely don't know what you're doing.

Microsoft, you really want to know why you'll never catch up on Google? Read the article linked above. Then walk to the nearest mirror and explain to yourself why this was the best way to deal with a simple feature as a shutdown menu. While explaining, listen to the words that come out of your mouth. I'm pretty sure you'll walk away in shame for the disgrace you put on what could have been a wonderful OS and an example of good software engineering.

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