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  • ADIOS Weblogs

    I have been blogging on Weblogs.asp.net for a while now. I don't remember when actually i got a berth on to Weblogs. I think it was MS Joe – Joe Stagner way back somewhere in 2005 or sometime around that time frame (i don't remember the exact dates) that he had opened up weblogs.asp.net blog space. I remember sending an email to him and i had got a space for myself.


    Its again a time for me to get on to a stage and present something. Yes i will be speaking at Microsoft sponsored event known as “Community Tech Days” which will be held at Mysore on Nov 14. This event is supported by Mysore User group known as “Mysore Geeks”.

  • devcon 2010

    On Saturday, October 9 2010 – Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India is going to witness one of the great technical events. Especially i have been yearning to be in this event. Well wondering what it is. Here it goes. BDOTNET – Bangalore Dot Net User Group is conducting what we call as DevCon 2010 i.e. Developer Conference 2010. Yes the much awaited event for some of us is finally up on the cards. Venue is decided, Speaker list is decided, Agenda is decided and more over we have our sponsors for the event too. Yayyy i say.

  • how to use tweetbutton

    Today, it is official that twitter has released its own tweetbutton. Till now it used to be third party links that provided the tweet option. With the release of the tweetbutton now everybody will start grabbing the link and provide it on their sites.

  • community tech days 2010–Bangalore

    This weekend Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore or Bengaluru is witnessing a technology filled 2 days. Yes the Community Tech Days – “Behold the power of Technology” – is being held in Bengaluru on Aug 7/8 2010.