WebDrive: Accessing SharePoint document libraries through drive letters


Aren't you annoyed by the fact that you can only access SharePoint document libraries from the newer versions of Office (XP, 2003), and not from applications like Photoshop (before version 6), textpad, autocad etc?


 Wouldn't it be great to have some drive-letter mappings to the document libraries you are working on, and that every application can access the documents in this document library on all versions of Windows?


I just stumbled across a tool called WebDrive from South River Technologies that does exactly this and much more! I can now access my favorite document libraries through drive-letters on our intranet that works over SSL. I love it.


This is a great solutions for all those organizations still on old OS's, old versions of Windows and using applications that no nothing about the WebDAV protocol. Costs: $39.95 per user, multi-user packs and site licenses available)


Have a look at http://www.southrivertech.com


PS: use WebDAV protocol, and remove encoded characters from url, so %20 must be replaced with a space.

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