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    There is currently no search available on, but that's no problem. The world's best search engine can be used:

    In google type: sharepoint and you find everything about sharepoint in all weblog entries, posts etc.


  • Strange implementation of groups in SharePoint portal listings

    Every portal area has a  “Portal Listings” list. A strange list that is managed in another way than all other lists. No properties can be changed or removed like with ordinary lists. The list cant be deleted like ordinary lists.The list is managed in a separate table in the database for optimal performance (no additional column mapping needed, all fields are available “as is” in the table).

    For each portal listings list in an area groups can be definied. Initially there are three groups available that cannot be removed. The first group is “Highlight”, the second and third groups are “General” and “Expert”. All these groups can be renamed. Strange thing however is the “Highlight” group. You can rename the “Highlight” group, but in the “Grouping and Ordering” view you have the options in the actions list of a listing to “Highlight” a listing or “Remove Highlight” from a listing when the listing is in the “Highlight” group, even if you renamed the “Highlight“ group. When you choose “Remove Highlight”, the group is set to the second group. It is not possible to apply highlighting on top of a chosen group. This would be the best behaviour; highlight items in a given group. Strange behaviour...

  • SharePoint & FrontPage... know how to search

    People often think that I know a lot. Wrong. I know how to search. And Google knows the answers on my search questions!

    For example: currently I am busy working on SharePoint in combination with Frontpage data views. After some initial searching I found out that there is one guy from Microsoft (I think he does testing of the XML data part in Frontpage) who answers lots of questions, and his answers are good. So now I want to know more about approaches I can take, issues there are etc. Fire up Google and search for:

    "John Jansen" Microsoft SharePoint

    Don't only search web, there are just a few results... search in Groups (the newsnet news groups) and be amazed by the wealth of information that appears...