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  • SharePoint Wizard and MVP Patrick "Profke" Tisseghem is offline, till the end of time...


    For years and years I have followed the travels of Patrick "Profke" Tisseghem from one end of the world to the other end of the world on my screen in Windows Live Messenger. Patrick was a busy guy, evangelizing, educating, inspiring the world. It was always good to see when he was back @home either in Belgium or Cyprus for some well deserved time with his family. A few days ago I saw his new, and what later appeared to be his last, destination: Goteborg in Sweden.  For the last days his status remained offline, nothing for him... Today I understood why....

    Patrick and his colleagues did visit Macaw, the company I work for, many times with their great and inspiring courses. Patrick is highly respected, and awell known face within our company.

    The last time I spoke to Patrick in person was at Devdays in Amsterdam in May. We had a beer in the sun at "Strand Zuid" and talked about our family and kids, his house on Cyprus, and some new ideas he had on how to have SharePoint feature updates without getting into trouble. We were with a large group of Macaw colleagues, and he bought us all a round of drinks we drank on his luck. It is terrible to see that his luck ran out so quick.

    The last chat on Messenger was at the end of July, he was @home in Cyprus. I told him about the birth of my third child. Life comes, life goes... it is a cruel world.

    Profke, happy travels in what lies ahead... I wonder if they are using SharePoint on the other side. We will have a beer when I arrive...

    My thoughts go out to his wife Linda and his two daughters, let the light be with you all to guide you through this difficult time.



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