Such a pity...

So much to write about, but shit it's under non-disclosure. Working on Sharepoint Portal Server V2 now. As soon as the public beta comes out (probably half of march) I will post my findings here. Cool thing is that finally you can do some decent development for it using .NET!!! Something else I received yesterday in the post (although I already downloaded it) is the new beta for Exchange Server 2003 (Titanium). I love the new Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface... it's also in the Web Storage System delivered with SPS2. Much more like the real outlook, but working in a browser. Will take some time before I will start on Titanium, I will probably need another harddisk for my laptop to test that one out (probably want work together with SPS2).

Microsoft is smart: both SPS2 and Exchange 2003 only run on Windows server 2003 (.NET server). People have to move over to this new sever platform, although I think most companies are not up to it yet, they just moved to Windows 2000 server!

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