SharePoint statistics: diving into SqlServer 2005 datawarehousing...

I have got a new project to dive into: statistics and click-stream analysis on a SharePoint intranet for 30.000 users for one of our large customers.

After years of development on a custom build classic ASP based portal for this customer, our company (Macaw) did a new implementation of their intranet portal based on SharePoint Portal Server 2003. I was part of this development team and created most of the tooling around the automatic build proces. We are currently code complete on the new implementation.

Important in a large intranet is statistics. One part of our company is Macaw Business Solutions (MBS), specialised in Business Intelligence. MBS got the project to implement the statitics and click-stream analysis part on the new intranet.

Due to my knowledge on SharePoint I am now part of the project team, and I’m now diving into the new world of Business Intelligence. I already got a “steam course” into BI from Jack Klaassen (Director of MBS) and Ralf van Gellekom, and it sounds like fun stuff!

In their wisdom Jack and Ralf, together with the customer, decided to go for SQL server 2005 and all the BI functionality it has available, instead of using SQL server 2000 now, and when the project is up and running SQL server 2005 comes available with much more powerful capabilities and tooling, and a migration project is needed.

In my blog I will try to report on some of the steps and issues we are encountering is this adventurous project. I will keep you posted!


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