About Site Definitions and making waves inside Microsoft walls;-)

A great post by Ryan Rogers on the Site Definitions “challenge”: http://blogs.msdn.com/ryanrogers/archive/2005/06/04/425148.aspx

He was the guy I cited in my post http://weblogs.asp.net/soever/archive/2005/05/26/408948.aspx, without knowing it;-)

It is good to hear that weblogs post can make waves within Microsoft walls…

It is good that it is possible to do the modifications through code, as Ryan stated. We have an escape! A costly one if you have MANY site instances, because the pages you modify will become unghosted (a copy is created) in the database… you remember, that issue you try to prevent by not modifying pages through FrontPage;-) But hey… storage is cheap these days!

Another issue I had are the MySite pages… you don’t want to have to change 30.000 My Site pages if you need a small modification to the private or public view. Good thing is that the MySite public and private pages are handled differently from normal sites… if you modify the MySite homepage as an administrator in “Shared View” it changes for all users! These pages are in a special location:

Private homepage MySite: http://servername/MySite/default.aspx

Public homepage MySite: http://servername/MySite/Public.aspx

Modifying these pages in the site definition is probably unsupported, but making modifications through the “Shared View” or using FrontPage not (yet?) as far as I know.

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