Getting SharePoint 2013 dev machine up and running in 5 minutes

I’m a happy customer of, and only days after the release of SharePoint 2013 preview I was able to spin up an instance of SharePoint Server 2013 with the following configuration:

SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Description: OS: Windows Server 2012 RC x64
Spec: 80 GB HD / 8 GB RAM
• SharePoint Server 2013 Preview
• SQL Server 2012 Standard
• Visual Studio 2012 RC Ultimate Edition
• SharePoint Designer 2013 Preview
• Adobe Reader

The machine works like a breeze, although I already had some SharePoint crashes. But hey, it’s a preview!

Kudo’s to CloudShare for getting a template machine up and running so fast.

PS: I’m in no way affiliated to CloudShare, just a happy customer.

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